Improving readability of codebases with auto inline docstring generation

Aetheon (ex 3LM) improves the developer experience by leveraging recent breakthroughs in NLP to improve the readability and digestibility of codebases. Its features include generating inline docstrings, correcting inaccurate docstrings, and pointing out important details that might have been missed such as function side effects. Aetheon automates all of the tedious tasks involved in maintaining inline docs that otherwise would’ve been done by a dev, lowering costs for businesses and fostering more efficient collaboration.

We envision a future where code documentation is interactive, intuitive, and powered by advanced NLP. We aim to streamline developer collaboration by standardizing inline comments and docstrings, ensuring clarity in function descriptions and side effects. As our ultimate goal, we hope to incorporate Aetheon with a chat interface that supports querying of specific functions, making information retrieval instantaneous and precise. Instead of traditional, static documentation, users will engage in dynamic conversations to understand codebases.

Below is a demonstration on how 3LM generates a comprehensive documentation for an example codebase: